Air Duct Cleaning


One of the several services we offer here at Mihalis Services is air duct cleaning. We can provide air duct cleaning for fresh air supplies and air conditioning.

We provide full range duct cleaning services throughout Montreal. Dirty air ducts and ventilation structures can affect your business in an array of costly ways, these can involve; low employee morale, a drop in productivity, computer downtime, ravaged interior decorations and high capital amount to replace deteriorated air conditioning systems.

With the utilization of a variety of extraction gadgets along with specially designed air jets, mechanical brushes, and manual procedures, our professionals can remove all forms of contamination and where microbiological contamination is an established issue, will sanitize where required. Several existing duct systems have faulty access points to empower cleaning; we will install approaching or access doors at strategic points throughout the structure to enable constant inspection, cleaning and if required disinfect.

Here we pride ourselves on providing our customers the ideal service possible. We are proud to be working with the expert professional making sure our client valued customers receives quality service.