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Dear Customer,

As you may already know, the carpet and upholstery in your home actually accumulate quite a significant amount of dust and dirt (up to 40 pounds per year). This can result in an unhealthy home environment for both you and your loved ones. Also, as the fabric undergoes continuous use, normal domestic cleaning will eventually no longer be helpful.

We all know of the slick-talking subcontractors who try to earn more commission by charging higher prices, and do not live up to their commitments. Most of them come to your home, do a fast job and then leave you wondering about the effectiveness of the cleaning when they are gone.

Unlike those others, Mihalis Services is a cleaning company with integrity. We truly guarantee our service because we never leave until we are sure you are satisfied. We tailor our work to all our customers' individual cleaning needs. 95% of our client base was obtained by word of mouth, proving that we have worked hard to satisfy one customer at a time.

Mihalis is the Greek derivative for the English name Michael. Michael is known as an archangel who fights against evil and stands for justice. Use Mihalis Services for your cleaning needs, and when we are gone it will be as though an angel came to your home.

Marlon Hutchinson